After a busy weekend and a short night, reality dawned on me, I was late on my project submission. I needed to write a story, I needed to submit it to graduate. Oh my God, how did I forget, how did I get so carried away not to remember my final project?

I got to class and instead of trying to write, I was telling myself that I was too pressured to write anything, I joked around before the lecture started amongst my colleagues, asking them if they had a story they no longer used. Then it became clear to me that I was indirectly asking for a life they no longer used.

How, you may ask, life is a story, and every single day is a scene in that story, some stories are longer than the other, while some are more fun-filled than others but short or long, happy or sad, life is a story made up of different scenes and chapters.

We all have the privilege of writing our stories by the decisions we make and the actions we take, cos eventually we’ll all be a story told, either as a lesson, precaution, or an emulation.

Make efforts to write a story worthy of emulation with the actions you take and the decisions you make cos, perhaps you no longer use your story, maybe because you do not want to say it or you are no longer around, others would…

A God-lover, a teacher, realist, critical thinker, and action taker. Honest to a fault.